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How to decorate a bar cart!

March 18, 2018
jenny tran website how to decorate bar cart

Bar carts are so cute and so fun to decorate! Mine is still a work in progress but here are a few tips on how to decorate a bar cart! This will be a perfect Spring time DIY project. Get creative. Find a bar cart! – This is not always easy. First figure out if you like the standard push cart / rectangular size or a circle round one…

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Spring is coming!

February 24, 2018
jenny tran website blog

Spring is coming! I really like these French Terry Dresses you can find the exact same one from Old Navy here. You can style this dress with cute sneakers or heels for that Spring look but still stay warm. I’ve also linked two of my all time favorite button-front tops from Urban Outfitters here. I FINALLY found two garment racks where I can get creative and line up new looks.…