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How to decorate a bar cart!

March 18, 2018
jenny tran website how to decorate bar cart

Bar carts are so cute and so fun to decorate! Mine is still a work in progress but here are a few tips on how to decorate a bar cart! This will be a perfect Spring time DIY project. Get creative.

  1. Find a bar cart!
      – This is not always easy. First figure out if you like the standard push cart / rectangular size or a circle round one like mine! Most people have gold or silver trims in their bar cart. Think about your price point and which area in your apartment or house you want it (living room, kitchen area, etc.). I won’t judge if you choose your bedroom.
  2. Find your favorite alcohol beverage!
      – Go to any beverage store or your local grocery store to stock up on your favorite alcohol or staple bottles that guests might like. For me, I like to always have red wine, white wine, some kind of whiskey (i.e., Glenlivet, Macallan, Jameson). These are mostly for myself :).
  3. Add a few S.Pellegrino sparkling water bottles, and LaCroix! I added the LaCroix because they taste delicious and it’s pink so it matches the tones I already have.
  4. Add old-fashioned, flutes, decanters, or whiskey glasses. You can find singles at Crate&Barrel. The quality is so good.
  5. Add lemons. When life gives you fake lemons, make a bar cart! This is on my wish list because I haven’t figured out if I want lemons or limes and what to add it to since I’m limited on space. Or flowers, fake or real, that always works too!
  6. Add cocktail recipe books such as Vintage Cocktails or Craft Cocktails, I got this idea from someone who had this and it recipes are so easy to make and pictures were BIG!
  7. Lastly, style your bar cart with some cute paper striped-straws for $3 at Target. Oh and you can’t forget a pineapple!

Find a bar cart!

Then decorate it!

jenny tran website how to decorate bar cart

jenny tran website how to decorate bar cart

jenny tran website how to decorate bar cart



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