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Home Office Refresh – WFH VIVO Standing Desk

October 13, 2020
jenny tran vivo desk home office

I’m super excited to show you my home office refresh! Since we’ve been told that we will likely be WFH through mid-2021, it was time for me to update my current setup. I previously had a VIVO desk riser but wanted an actual standing desk and more space so I went with the VIVO standing desk with the white frame and light wood table top – size 43 x 24! The best part of the desk is not that it has multiple settings to sit or stand throughout the day, but the cable management tray behind the desk! If you’re anything like me, then you don’t like any cords or cables visible, so this solves for that and hides everything and tucked away, which is awesome.

The other most important thing for me is to be ergonomic when working from home. I’m always looking for ways to be more ergonomic since growing up I’m always working on computers so over the years I’ve had a lot of wrist and neck pain issues so it’s important for me to have a comfortable and ergonomic setup, and take more breaks.

I’m so excited I have more desk space which should really help improve my workflow and be more productive and creative, especially since I’ll be living and working from home for the foreseeable future!

jenny tran vivo desk home office
VIVO Standing Desk – San Francisco Apartment View


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