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Ergonomic WFH Desk Setup – Home Office

May 9, 2020
wfh desk set up office setup

For those who get to work from home, have you figured out your WFH desk setup yet? It’s been exactly 2 months since I started quarantine and here’s the before and after of my ergonomic WFH desk setup. I live in a very small studio in San Francisco, so I have no choice but to get creative about how I want my home office to look like!

Growing up I’ve always had discomfort simply due to working long hours. This means having ergonomic equipment is super important for me to maintain posture and overall physical and mental health, and ultimately productivity. I purchased all of my ergonomic equipment from Amazon.

  1. Sit stand desk converter – $180 – Studies show standing is better than sitting. This was the hardest thing for me to adjust to since I never really stand when I was in the office, but now I stand every single day!
  2. Light therapy lamp – $40. Helps brighten up your face and your mood.
  3. Ring light – $37. Helps brighten up your face if you’re on conference calls all day and have bad lighting at home. My favorite light so far and works really well. Has 3 settings.
  4. Ergonomic anti-fatigue standing mat – $69. Calculated terrain to ensure you can easily move around, and drives subconscious movements, stretching, and massage.
  5. Ergonomic keyboard – $70. I’ve used this exact one for over 10 years at every company I’ve worked at. Your natural wrist/arm posture is supposed to be like you’re shaking someone’s hand. This keyboard positions you to do that.
  6. Ergonomic mouse – $110. Same as above. Expensive but worth every dollar.
  7. Cell phone / tablet stands – $9. See your incoming texts and calls without having to pick up your phone all the time.
  8. Ergonomic mouse pad – $13. I have the saddle brown and the gray one! I love it.
  9. Clear water bottle with straw – $13. Makes it easy to see your water intake throughout the day. This has been working for me and I definitely drink more water.
  10. AirPods $130. Take calls and walk around if you can instead of being tied with headsets at your desk.
  11. Ergonomic chair – $210. Works pretty well with sturdy back lumbar support and neck.

Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions about these WFH desk setup items and how they work! Hope this was helpful and don’t forget to take care of yourself!

office desk set up small spaces
WFH Desk setup – Home office (before)
wfh desk set up office setup
WFH Desk setup – Home office (after) – Ergonomic


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