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Beautiful White Cuisinart 15 piece Knife Set – Meal Prepping and Saving Time

August 27, 2019
jenny tran wayfair cuisinart kitchen white knife set

Working a 9-5 and having a side hustle (blogging, creating content, engaging on all social media platforms) is a lot of work! This means that being efficient is super important to me. Since moving to San Francisco last year, I have tried so many amazing restaurants but there are days when I don’t go out and just want to come home and enjoy a nice home cooked easy meal. I don’t cook a whole lot but generally I would get groceries delivered on a Sunday and meal prep for at least 3-4 days of the week. I usually cook up something easy and quick such as a chicken salad, pasta and meat sauce, or my favorite baked salmon!

I recently got this 15 piece white knife set and it is BEAUTIFUL. It makes me want to cook more (I think it’s because it’s white, I love everything airy and white!). You can say it’s kind of like buying cute workout clothes to motivate you to work out more. 🙂 Same same am I right? This Cuisinart Knife Set looks gorgeous on my kitchen counter, it’s sharp, super lightweight, and easy to handle. It would look perfect on any countertop whether you have a marble, black, or white back splash, the white seriously changes everything and looks so clean. Click here for more Kitchen Knife Sets from Wayfair.

Let me know if you decide to get this and hopefully this will motivate you to cook and meal prep more to save time from your busy schedules!

jenny tran wayfair cuisinart kitchen white knife set
jenny tran wayfair cuisinart kitchen white knife set

This post is sponsored by Wayfair. All opinions and reviews are entirely my own.


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